What We Do At Nathan ISO Consulting

07 Feb

What We Do At Nathan ISO Consulting


Does your business have a regulatory requirement to complete internal audits? Or maybe you just want to get an independent evaluation of where the gaps in your company are? We can help as we have extensive experience in first and second party auditing in addition to preparing for, hosting and supporting numerous companies, and ISO audits, such as ISO9001 and ISO13485.


Does your business have need of Quality Management but can’t justify a full time role? With this service, we dedicate a monthly allowance of resource to your company to be used as you wish. Whether it be an internal or supplier audit program, driving improvement strategies within the business, managing customer complaint investigations or a mixture of all, this service can be tailored to your requirements.

How ISO certification and Business Process Re-engineering are interlinked (1)
Business Process Re-engineering is all about procedures that help in generating highly impressive results. Companies prefer choosing plucking-up this option to get rid of old as well as inefficient ways of managing business. If a company wants to bring favorable amount of improvement in its activity, then it is high time to opt for BPR.

Some of the remarkable benefits in association with Business Process Re-engineering include the following:

  1. Maximizing value to customers
  2. Minimizing time and effort to supply goods and services

The upcoming of new technologies help a lot in eliminating activities that are hardly generating value added for the company. It is possible to distinguish activities that are responsible for generating real value for company. In order to give a kick start to the redesigning process, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Best ways to establish objectives
  2. Mission of the company
  3. Competitive advantages for exploiting competitors


We have achieved the mark of satisfaction of our existing clients and we wish to maintain the same with new clients. Be assured of our total commitment to your company. We look forward with confidence to the better growth prospects with increasing and mutual co-operation with our valued clients in serving the needs of growing industry.

ISO Training

  1. ISO Awareness training
  2. ISO implementation training
  3. ISO documentation training
  4. ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor training
  5. ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor training
  6. OHSAS 18001 2007 Internal Auditor training
  7. QHSE (Integrated Management systems training)
  8. ISO core group / process owner training

Health and Safety Trainings

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Fire Safety training (level 1,2)
  3. Fire prevention and fire prevention
  4. First Aid training
  5. Lock out and tag out
  6. Ergonomics awareness
  7. Working at heights and Rescue
  8. Excavation safety
  9. Scaffolding erection and dismantling
  10. Hand power and tools operator
  11. Personal protective equipment

Food Safety Trainings

GHP (Good Hygiene practices) Training

  1. Food Safety Management Trainings (Basic/Intermediate/Advances Level)
  2. HACCP Awareness training
  3. HACCP Internal auditor training
  4. Sanitation standard operating procedures training

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