What is ICV certificate Consulting in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

What is ICV certificate Consulting in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

As Nathan ICV certification Consultants, we have set up a dedicated sub-service mark for ICV to support our clients to achieving ICV certificates, ICV improvement plans and meet their required level of ICV score to win business opportunities and set at par with ICV guidelines.

In 2021, the ICV program was shifted to the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT) with the intention to make this program all-inclusive for Government and Semi-Government departments across the whole UAE.

Carrying forward the objective of this program to ensure spent of businesses is within the national economy in terms of manufacturing cost as well as spent on local products & services. In addition, encouraging investments in the country, appointing and qualifying citizens and creating quality job opportunities is another major objective of the National ICV Program. Further, to support industry in the UAE and recycling a larger part of purchases and services expenses within the national economy is the foremost objective of this program.


(a) Goods Manufactured (only for Suppliers holding Industrial License)
(b) Third Party Spend (only for Suppliers holding non-Industrial License)
(c) Investment
(d) Emiratization
(e) Expatriate Contribution
(f) Bonus – i) Revenue from outside UAE.

ii) Emirati Headcount

iii)Investment Growth

Other Points to remember

Once a company appoints an Empaneled Certifying Body to verify them for certification, the company will not be able to switch to a new certifying body for the duration of their certification (unless they have an adequate reason).

The submission made by a company shall take all costs and revenues of the company during its financial year.

All figures in the ICV Template must be in AED. Exceptions can only be made if specified.

If a company is not able to present consumption details (listed by invoice and vendor), purchases made by the company during that year can be taken into account instead.

Any assumptions and calculations made in the ICV Template must follow instructions provided in the guideline.

Every figure presented by the supplier must be backed with relevant documentation so that all provided data can be examined thoroughly.

At any time during the verification process, a designated representative of the participating entities can ask for a quality review of every ICV Certificate Template being scrutinized by the Certifying Body. The Certifying body and supplier will have to share any required information with the representative, whenever it is asked for.

Negligence or tampering in a company’s submission will lead to penalties being awarded to the company in question. These penalties can include a ban preventing them from doing business with ADNOC.

Once you are certified, you can begin submitting bids to participating entities. The exact edge that you receive in the bidding process will be determined by your ICV score.

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