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SOC2 Training

The SOC 2 framework is used to evaluate an organization’s internal policies and practices,  It is becoming a prevalent standard, particularly for tech companies that provide services and software to enterprises.

In contrast to stricter regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI Dss, SOC 2 is considerably more tailored to the enterprise. SOC 2 addresses what businesses claim to undertake to safeguard data. The choice of controls and qualified trust classifications gives SOC 2 its flexibility.

The significance of the SOC2 Information Security Awareness Training

The IT division has always been considered as being in charge of cyber security. But in reality, every person in every department contributes significantly to protecting the organization’s infrastructure as a whole and its critical data. It is crucial to inform and teach personnel about such threats as we see an upsurge in the intricacy of cyberattacks and destructive actions that target systems and personnel weaknesses.

Regular employee training is now essential not only for regulatory reasons but also for training and preparing staff to safeguard the confidential information they frequently handle.

How does security awareness training work?

Every partner of a business, including its employees, has the potential to become a target, as well as every web activity they undertake involves some risk. A combination of individuals, procedures, and software is required to develop a robust cybersecurity program. Individuals are the convenient target within which, frequently exposed to exponentially increasing degrees of security dangers. Because of this, a company’s first priority should be to raise employee understanding of security concerns.

The need for an information security training and awareness program cannot be understated. The goal of the training program is to increase the level of awareness among employees about the many security risks that exist in the sector and how to address them. 

In addition to increasing staff awareness, cybersecurity training must be in place to address safety and compliance audit needs. Several advantages of a safety awareness training program are listed below.

  • Adherence to SOC2
  • Recognize industry standards and online threats
  • Added Layer of Protection
  • Lowers the occurrence of data breaches
  • Enhanced Incident Management

An organization can be better prepared for compliance and a stronger defense against security threats by implementing the SOC2 Security Awareness Training program and leveraging it to alter the security culture throughout the organization. Effectively executing this will promote trust while also maintaining the protection of the firm’s vital information and resources.

Your staff will receive training from our team of specialists on the SOC2 framework and the top security procedures that may be used in your company on a regular basis. For more information contact us today.

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