How To Select An ISO Consultant?

03 Jan
5 Tips for Selecting an Right ISO Consultant in UAE

How To Select An ISO Consultant?

5 Tips for Selecting an Right ISO Consultant in UAE

Finding a suitable ISO consultant is a critical decision to make, especially in organizations which are looking for a right and experienced ISO consultant for first time. A lot of organizations hire a consultant to perform various functions such as implementing management system to achieve the ISO certificate, performing the work of internal auditor or management representative, and lots more. Irrespective of the reason behind hiring a consultant, this decision of hiring consultant works best for the entire organization. It is the organization’s choice however to hire the ISO consultant for long term basis or temporary basis.

Tips to choose a right ISO consultant

Tip to choose a right ISO consultant

One cannot simply select an ISO consultant ; there are certain tips and tricks which are to be applied to make a sound decision. Some of the major points are explained to you below, have a look.

1. Relevance and experience in the industry

The consultant you are selecting for the organization needs to maintain a good and professional relation, hence experience matters a lot. While interviewing him for the job, you can check out the following aspects in his resume-

  • Standards and industry experience: Some of the ISO standards in which experience is mandatory are ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, EMS 14001, Food safety ISO 22000, HACCP and more. Check if the consultant holds experience in these in the industry.
  • Certification from body allegiance: Check if the consultant has achieved any experience from the body allegiance.
  • Experience in management system: Need to have experience in major industries- health and safety, quality, information security, energy, and environment.
  • Reason to hire ISO consultant

There are plenty of reasons as to why a consultant is required in an organisation, hence try to figure out and note them down while you are in the process of hiring. Based on your reasons, it becomes easy to choose a right person for the job. Some of the common reasons include – advising, management of policies and projects, implementing, and offering prompt support.

Also, the organization will need a consultant when there is no existing management system when it has to craft a new system for the set standards, and also when there is a mix of the formal and informal system in the organization. So, figure out and then hire the right person!

2. References of the consultant

If your consultants are positively offering you references of their work experience, make sure to verify them before hiring. You can even ask the person to share the past case studies so that you can know his work experience, success, and many more intricate details.

3. Communication

The ISO consultant you are going to hire should be easy to communicate. The organization and consultant

should share a good rapport. They should meet regularly, discuss the projects, think of new strategies and policies, and work together to take the organization to a new level. This can only happen when the consultant works passionately towards the organization and not such that he is working only for money. You can find this out in the interview and also in the trial working period.

4. Contract

This is one of the most essential and critical components to look for when hiring an ISO consultant. It is important to make the contract and get signatures of the important people of the organization. Make sure the cost and other vital features are mentioned in the contract. For instance, fixed or day cost, availability, project name if any, and more.

So, if you are in agreement with the above factors then you are good to go with the ISO consultant anywhere in UAE, be it dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. Work together and take your organization to a higher level.

For more details and information contact Nathan ISO Consulting UAE and we shall be glad to assist your organization with right kind of input and information.

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