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SA8000 Accreditation in the United Arab Emirates

The SA8000 certifications in the UAE enable an organization to verify the authentication methods, enhancing a product’s reputation and value. A third-party SA 8000 audit that aids in locating the gaps is always recommended. The SA 8000 accreditation in Dubai boosts client confidence, which has an effect on the company’s profitability.  The SA8000 standard highlights the significance of a process of continuous improvement and adheres to the principles of both the Quality Assurance Standard Iso 9000 series and the Environmental Protection Standard ISO14000. A multi-sector Advisory Panel composed of specialists from industry, trade unions, governments, and NGOs from all over the world and across businesses is responsible for the standard’s development and continuous oversight. Facilities that want to be certified as complying with the standard must implement strong management systems and submit to an audit by a reputable, independent certifying authority. Certification bodies must exhibit a strong foundation in systems auditing, thorough training in SA8000, and the organizational capability to ensure quality and responsiveness in order to be accredited by SAI and its Advisory Board. 
The following areas are the emphasis of this standard

1) It is illegal for children to be employed by the company.

2) It states that none of the businesses are permitted to use forced labor.

3) It’s illegal to discriminate.

4) All employees must be paid at least the legal minimum.

5) The employer bears all responsibility for the health and safety of all workers while they are on the job.

6) Employees have the right to bargain collectively and to affiliate with whatever organization they want.

7) As is common elsewhere in the globe, the employer is responsible for determining the working hours.

8) Every business must abide by the guidelines for workplace conduct.

An authorized SA 8000 certification offers ongoing, trustworthy assurance that a company is adhering to social performance standards while also strengthening its managerial systems to address and mitigate social and labor issues.

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