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ISO 10001-2-3-4 Customer Satisfaction Certification & Consultancy in Dubai, UAE

Customers do expect much more form the service that you provide. Attaining ISO 10002, the international customer satisfaction standard, would help you greatly in meeting your customer’s expectation despite the stiff market competition and all working towards the same goal. ISO 10002 provides a set of guidelines based on which you can bring to affect your own system to manage customer complaints. It helps you with complaints identification, root cause analysis and setting up an elimination process. It also helps identify avenues of improvement in your business and eliminate customer complaints in due course. The standard outline provided for management controls and processes help in the handling of customer complaints.

ISO 10002:2004 addresses the following aspects of complaints handling:

  • Creating an environment that is customer focused and open to complaints and feedback, enhancement of organizational infrastructure, systems and personnel to improve customer service.
  • Acquiring and deploying adequate resources which includes personnel training, to promote top
    management involvement and commitment.
  • Expecting, recognizing and addressing customer needs and complaints.
  • Establishing an easy to use, open and effective complaints process.
  • Improving quality of product and customer service by evaluating and analyzing complaints.
  • Complaints handling process Audit.
  • Complaints handling process efficiency and effectiveness review.
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