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ISO 27001 ISMS
Certification & Consultancy in Dubai, UAE

A systematic way to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of information within a company is to use an enterprise-wide information security management system (ISMS). A global standard for its application is ISO 27001 Certification In Uae. It offers two benefits.
A great framework to protect information assets from risky individuals and a differentiator to give a company an edge over competitors.The worldwide standard provides detailed guidelines for developing, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving the ISMS.

Iso 27001 Certification Process:

You must go through a number of audits to become certified to ISO 27001 standards. Here are the steps you should take to qualify for it and obtain your certificate by getting into all eight of the ISO 27001 Certification Process.

  •  initial project plan creation
  • specifies the ISMS’s parameters
  • an evaluation of risks and a gap analysis
  • Create and implement effective regulations and policies.
  • completely train all employees
  • to Record and gather proof.
  • the audit for ISO 27001 certification
  • keep up ongoing compliance
What does the ISMS ISO 27001 series imply?

The series’ coverage of a variety of safety-related topics goes beyond mere privacy, IT, and specialized safety. Any business, regardless of its size or shape, should be concerned. Every company is recommended to evaluate the risks to their information security, put in place information security measures based on those needs, and employ advice and recommendations as needed. The “plan-do-check-act” methodology, which attempts to handle changes from threats, vulnerabilities, or the repercussions of information security incidents, is incorporated into the ISMS theory due to the dynamic nature of data security.

Who Utilizes ISO 27001?

The ISO 27001 ISMS standard is necessary because of:

  • Organizations that handle sensitive data, whether they are large or small, IT- or non-IT-related.
  • Businesses that are growing and looking for new customers. The global standard will help them stay competitive, particularly if their rivals get ISO 27001 certification.
Benefits of Implementing ISO 27001 for ISMS
  • Establishes compliance for your business with all statutory, legal, and regulatory requirements.
  • Market distinctiveness as a result of a positive effect on brand reputation.
  • Improves your company’s status as a vendor and grades it as the best among the List Of Iso 27001 Certified Companies In Uae. 
  • Increased organizational operational performance and efficiency.
  • Minimizes risks to company continuity on the internal and external sides.
  • The ISO 27001 Certification In Uae is widely recognized. Significantly reduces privacy and security breaches.
  • Operational risk is decreased as vulnerabilities and threats are assessed.
  • Offers a customized, workable, and tenable approach to privacy and security for your company while providing ongoing protection.
To oversee the implementation of ISO 27001 ISMS, Nathan ISO 27001 consultants in Dubai use a five-step consulting process.

All ISO 27001 consulting services have adhered to these procedures, which are generally used.

Step I:

This phase’s goal is to start planning and getting everything ready for the assignment. This stage’s activities aid in reinforcing the project’s goals and objectives as well as organizing the numerous focus areas that will be taken into account throughout the mission.

Step II:

This phase’s objective is to gather all pertinent information relating to the defined area. Meeting with stakeholders, understanding their concerns, the resources under their control, and the importance of these assets to their major firm are all part of this step, which is the most important.

Step III: 

It would be possible to select the best risk mitigation controls by doing a complete risk assessment of the acknowledged essential IT assets. The process for risk assessment involves several steps, including hazard analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing exercises, gap analysis, and the assignment of values to identified data assets.

Step IV:

Creating a risk reduction strategy and a plan to offer inputs for the selection of ISMS controls that are compatible with ISO 27001 are the goals of this point. The IT policy will be developed based on the feedback from this stage.

Creating comprehensive and useful IT security procedures and guidelines for the client is the objective of this point. The policy claims will cover the previously identified hazard areas and be in line with ISO 27001.

Step V: 

The main goal of this stage is to provide the customer with a security development plan that will enable continued growth and ISO 27001 certification. The implementation of the safety controls would be the purpose of this phase and finally to excel and have clicked on everything to succeed, auditor training methodologies to be considered. 

ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Training/ Internal Auditor training

Your ability to undertake an Information Security Program audit by utilizing widely accepted audit concepts, processes, and methodologies is made possible by Nathan’s Lead Auditor training. In the training course, employees will learn how to design and execute both internal and external audits in accordance with ISO standards and certification procedures.

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