Information Security Program Development

Given today’s reliance on digital information, it only makes sense to have an entire field—and numerous subfields—dedicated to its security. Safeguarding a company’s information against data breaches and hacking is an increasingly complex affair, often involving many systems, tools, and people to get it right. However, all the best efforts in the world can lead to failure if the whole system is not effectively governed to ensure visibility over what works and doesn’t, and how it all fits within organizational structures and strategies

Many businesses and organizations must operate without a dedicated internal security professional or a single enterprise security manager. The job of providing effective business, corporate and organizational security is challenged by increased instances of theft, sabotage, workplace violence, and financial loss potential. Insider threats are on the rise and security funding can be difficult to come by and security is expensive. Boards of Directors are asking, and CEOs are often seeking competent security program development and do not know where to turn. Often, directors may be hired from federal or local law enforcement ranks which do not typically align with the skillset and experience required to build a program

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