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HACCP Certification UAE

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is used as a tool to assure the safety of the food and its fitness for consumption, this certification mandates the application of food hygiene principles across the food chain. This certification is accomplished by a number of procedures. The HACCP Certificate Uae successfully aids your business in the prevention of possible dangers in the food web.

Every entity involved in the food sector, regardless of size, including food manufacturers, processors, dealers, distributors, and even warehouses, can use HACCP. Additionally, it applies to businesses that are engaged in one or more of the phases in the production of food. Generally speaking, from early production through finished goods.

Advantages of HACCP Certificate Dubai
  • A certification system that controls the costs associated with food safety from farm to fork.
  • Improves the management of food safety.
  • The ideal complement to other management systems.
  • Eliminate consumer foodborne illness.
  • Keeping laws in force.
  • Boost food safety requirements.
  • Organizes the safe manufacturing of food.

To receive this HACCP Certificate Dubai and learn more about the advantages of HACCP certification for your business contact us today.

What will be covered by the HACCP-implemented programs?

This summarizes the coursework we provide for implementing HACCP.

  • Understanding of the relevant legal requirements and HACCP Food Safety Systems.
  • Understanding of HACCP’s initial procedures and principles.
  • Improved abilities to recognize risks that need to be resolved by the quality management system.
  • Recognizing the numerous support services needed for a food safety system.
  • Knowledge of how a food safety system’s components work together.
HACCP Guidelines

Hazard analysis is the first rule

  • Biological Dangers
  • Chemical Threats
  • Physical Risks
  • Performing a Hazard Analysis
  1. Determine critical points of control
  2. Develop Critical Limits
  3. Develop standard operating procedures
  4. Identify Remedial Measures 
  5. Implement document practices 
  6. Implement Verification Protocols
What procedures must be taken to obtain HACCP Certification?
  • Form Submission
  • Examining applications
  • Comparison of Prices and Gap Analysis
  • document evaluation
  • Review of the documents
What are the objectives of the HACCP Certification program?

The following are the goals of HACCP Certification:-

  • HACCP is a method for identifying risks and establishing control systems that place an emphasis on prevention rather than relying on finished product testing.
  • It promotes international trade by boosting consumer trust in food safety, in addition to other substantial advantages.
  • The implementation of HACCP systems aids in control features’ monitoring processes.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about HACCP accreditation and are seeking to obtain it in the UAE. You will be guided through the procedure and assisted in obtaining this certification by our expert advisor. Numerous companies have successfully obtained their HACCP Certificate Uae because of our established record of assistance.

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