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The consultants and trainees at Nathan Consulting Group work full-time and have a range of professional backgrounds. Even though we do employ tried-and-true techniques, we also modify them to meet the unique requirements of your company.

A special blend of business and financial knowledge, manufacturing experience, and a “hands-on” attitude is the secret to our clients’ success. In addition to identifying and prioritizing opportunities that could dramatically boost your bottom line, we also create a plan for our clients to use in order to take advantage of those opportunities and see measurable financial success.

Clients successfully complete their certification standards in a mean time of 30 to 150 days with the help of a 10-year track record of assistance. Compliance will work to your advantage to complete the certification process quickly and painlessly!

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To be a reputable, well-liked, and respected service provider for quality, environmental, safety & health, food safety, information security, and other management (ISO and non-ISO certifications), as well as product certifications, across Europe and the Middle East. We assure ISO Certification in the UAE that is practical, cost-efficient, employee-friendly, and results-oriented.


Dependable and passionate consulting services in product certifications, information security, safety & health, food safety, and other management (ISO and non-ISO certifications). There is always space for development, and nothing is impossible when it comes to assisting our clients in discovering the best solutions for their businesses.


The best industry practices will be recommended by our team of consultants, auditors, and trainers, who have a total expertise of more than 15 years in quality, environment, safety, and health consulting. This will increase the productivity and safety of your business. Additionally, we provide training programs to equip your personnel with the necessary knowledge and abilities to thrive in a dynamic corporate field.

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Our goal is to significantly increase society’s protection and well-being by strengthening all organizations against an environment that is becoming more competitive and resource-constrained.

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